2014 Art Round Up

Ok then, here is the art round up for 2014 :) 407 pieces that I could find, not counting some unrecorded con sketches, gosh knows how many bookmarks, and lots and lots of stickers. Over the last year, I have been working on a webcomic to premier in 2015; I co-wrote a book and submitted it to a publisher; I made a book of my art and father's poems (being revised and edited now),and made two sketchbooks and an INvaders fanzine!! I also expanded the conventions that I have tables at, and hopefully that trend continues into 2015.

Original Art
Random (26)

State of Disunion Webcomic Previews/Sketches/etc (52)

Concept Sketches for The Fireflies Novel (4)

(not as much Fireflies art this year because rather than drawing sketches for this book, Kai and I actually get the first fraft done and submitted it to a publisher! It was rejected, but we will try again!)

Fan Art

Marvel (61)

DC (10)

Television/Movies/Books (41)

Conventions Sketches (35)

Bookmarks (78)

Doodles (30)

And that's all! Here's to an even more productive 2015!