Title: Witches and Wizards
Characters: Lucius, Bella, Peter, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Remus
Media: Pen an Ink + Photoshop
Dimensions: a little smaller than 5 X 7
Original: NA
Print: Each character is available in a limited set of 50. Once those are gone there will be no more (some like Snape, sold heavily at Portus so there are way less than 50 of him).
They are $5.00 each plus shipping and $30.00 for the whole set of eight. Contact me if you are interested in buying these.

I did a eight character card set to sell at Portus in 2008. I love the parent's generation, so naturally I was attracted to MWPP, and then I figured Lily and Snape were important and rounded it off with Lucius and Bella. It's never dull drawing Lucius or Bella.