Presenting California!
My design for California was basically, ?How close to George Takei can I be before lawyers are involved, and he should dress like Sebastian Stan.

He?s one of my Asian characters- because of the ethnic diversity in the states I don?t usually say one specific country over any other, but I do favor Japanese traditions and ethnicity with him post WWII. However, he is not specifically be Japanese being that there is a huge a diverse Asian population in California.

He?s generally an up beat character, which is good because if he gets too angry things catch on fire! He does respond to Sarcasm to a lot of the more conservative states, though in rare times surprises everyone by supporting them (Cali after all as a large conservative base despite being seen as a blue state).

He?s deals with things not going his way be plotting a movie around them and seeing how that could fix it, which sometimes makes his suggestions less than helpful when he is in that mood.

Texas likes to call him ?little brother? since they were all originally Spanish and Mexican territories (or so he says, really Texas is trying to downplay a crush- more on that when i get to Texas). California hates it because he doesn?t consider himself related to the other states Uncle got from Mexico, ESPECIALLY NOT TEXAS! Currently he resents the hell outta Texas because Texas keeps trying to take his businesses (Texas has stolen 350 business and counting!).

For a while he had a very strained relationship with Washington, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and other states that had interment camps (which was a sad time for him as usually he and Montana are very good friends).

He?ll join Oregon for her Hippie festivals and invites Montana down to celebrate the Chinese festivals with him (Montana is Chinese I?ll explain when I get to her). Also, Montana (seen sitting above California on the character sheet) is the only one is confided in that the reason he dyes his hair blonde isn?t because of the beaches and the style as he tells everyone, but because he?s terrified Uncle will forget he?s American again, so he tries to look more American (both a reference to WWII and the Red Scare).

He and Nevada used to get along, but now they are almost always fighting over water.

He has uncontrollable tremors (if he were human he?d have epilepsy). Though he blows off these quakes, he?s actually scared of them because he knows a big enough one could kill millions of his people and maybe even kill him.

And that?s about it on California without actually going into the actual jokes!