Presenting Hawaii
Hawaii is the youngest of the states, and either gets completely dotted on (especially by Louisiana, Georgia, and Minnesota- and no, this doesn?t stand for anything historical, this is just character stuff) or she is totally ignored until she throws a tantrum. It depends on what is preoccupying the other States at the moment.

She prefers to keep to her own company, and often finds the other states aggravatingly stupid or pompous. However she doesn?t mind California, Oregon, or Washington as much, but can?t understand why they are not excited about being involved in the Ring of Fire. She wishes so badly that she was in The Ring that Cali agreed they would consider her an honorary part of it (even if he doesn?t understand why she?d want to be- facts on this: Hawaii is a hotspot and not technically part of the Ring).

She became close to California when he argued with the others against putting her in prison, before he ended interred with her (Historical note: While only about 1% of Hawaii?s Japanese population was interred, those arrested were community leaders, monks, and teachers, so the effect on the Japanese communities was devastating, and this happened pretty much immediately after Pearl Harbor).

That said, California annoys her because she can?t convince him to do a movie about her last Queen, and anytime she manages to, he tries to cast some Anglo actor in the role, which she won?t tolerate.

She brings coffee up to Washington when he isn?t feeling well. And, she?s sad he can?t enjoy his Volcano like she does hers.

Hawaii doesn?t get on well with Alaska and Texas. Their consent chatter about being independent pissers her off. She considers herself the only state to still have a legal argument to leave the US, and yet she doesn?t make near the noise Alaska and Texas do about it. She realizes that at this point she is -for better or worse- linked to the Union. so their inability to not realize this truth applies to them too drives her crazy. The Carolinas don?t bother her as much when they threaten secession (again). When South Carolina brings up seceding, she assumes he?s just being a sore loser, and when North Carolina brings it up, she thinks she mistook North Carolina for South Carolina. XD

That said, she wants Uncle to admit her was wrong for taking her as he did. Like really admit it, not just pat her on the head and say he?s sorry. It?s pretty much her first request at any meeting. Uncle pretends he doesn?t hear her.

She still has not forgiven MB Monebags (character previously named Big Money- thank you to gehayi for the better name) for overthrowing her monarchy and goes out of her way to hurt him without hurting her people. Her anger at Monebags eclipses Louisiana?s anger at South Carolina, but she is less vocal. But if she could find away of exploding a Volcano and destroying him without hurting her people, she would.

The states got her the pacifier to see if it helped with eruptions. It didn?t really, but she won?t give it up now (Unless she is throwing it at someone who has gotten on her last nerve).

She is one of the smarter State?s in terms of seeing through Monebags bull, but very few state?s listen to her when she points out his lies because ?she?s a baby.? She tries to point out she?s not an idiot and was a former self-sufficient monarchy before some state?s were even state?s, but this changes nothing.

So she continues to be angry

Other characters appearing here: CEO, and California (pre- WWII before he had reason to dye is hair, trying to protect Hawaii from being arrested post-Pearl Habor and not realizing he?s about to have the same problem. The American gov. actually had a plan in place about the Japanese American on Hawaii if Japan attacked, so almost immediately after the attack, they rounded up and jailed about 1% of the Japanese population, which doesn?t sound bad, but it was the community leaders. priests, and other people of high import. So though a much smaller percent were imprisoned than in the continental US, the community impact was devastating- and also scary if you consider this plan was in place BEFORE Pearl Harbor).