Presenting Iowa
He?s a pretty easy going, soft spoken, friendly guy who is well liked among the states. In fact, no one actively dislikes Iowa, even when they don?t agree with him. However, because he?s soft spoken and doesn?t like to make waves, sometimes he gets overlooked or forgotten about, or confused with Idaho.

He very much enjoys new people and often actively works to attract foreign immigrants to his lands (Iowa often passed laws to attract foreign immigration, even in modern times, to help offset the aging population and youth/urban flight). Because of this, Iowa likes to think of himself as very accepting. For the most part he is, though he can be oblivious to the plights of some of the other states at times. But he tries to correct himself.

He was devastated when his state made the list of ?Top 5 Worst State?s to be Black In.? He?s currently very disappointed with his people, more so as he was a Union States and never allowed Jim Crow laws to be passed (though segregation was a defacto practice).

Iowa, as with some other states (most notably Texas and West Virginia), appears younger than he actually is. In his case, it isn?t as much of a conscious decision as an effect of his fertile and productive lands. His appearance though, is often in contrast to his behavior. He is early to bed and early to rise, and as the need for agriculture and agriculture exports grows, he finds he feels more fatigued than in he once did in the past (Iowa, as mentioned, as one of the older populations in the US).

In contrast to his slow aging now, he grew from an infant to an adult-ish state in only a few years. Unlike other states that were part of the Louisiana purchase, Iowa didn?t appear until around 1820. If he existed prior to that, no one noticed him (historical reasons for this is that the Iowa are remained largely unsettled except by Natives. Most anything that did happen, happened when he was still part of the Wisconsin territory. In fact the Iowa territory wasn?t created until 1838. So, despite being part of the Louisiana purchase lands I figured he would be young relative to the others).

Iowa was first found by Ioway, who kept him and took care of him until Uncle claimed him via dubious methods (really, really, really, awful dubious methods. Reading how the USA got most of the LA purchase lands from the Natives is stomach turning). Uncle made Iowa a territory and told Iowa that Illinois was his big sister. However, Iowa rejected that claim. He considers himself unrelated to any of the other states, and instead sees himself as a little brother to Ioway.

He?s good at planning and looking ahead, which is part of why he was able to grow so fast. He saw the importance of railroads, which helped move him from self-sufficient farming to commodity farming.

Despite generally getting along with everyone, one of the first things he did as a State was nearly start a war with Missouri over land. He claimed Missouri stole some of his honey, Missouri insisted it was on his land. The ended up before Uncle to mediate (Honey Land War). Despite this, neither State held that much of a grudge, and in fact Missouri warned Iowa of an impending attack from Confederate traitors out of Missouri?s lands.

This spat with Missouri is also part of why Iowa decided he didn?t want to look like a child anymore. He didn?t want to be taken advantage of by any other states. Also though, being a forward looking entity, he could see the likelihood of a either a civil war or a huge Indian war growing, he absolutely did not want to be a child if/when either or both happened.

Though they got off to a bad start, he and Missouri actually grudgingly got along, and it developed into a relationship. .

And in recent years Iowa has backed Missouri?s Monsanto Corp, or at least the GMO crops. He?s one of the agriculture states who think they help. He, Oregon, and Nebraska argue a lot over it. Iowa feels though if it helps make more crops, it?s not a bad things. He?s very determined to be as productive as possible.

However, with the railroads came a need for coal and mining, and as much as he wants to be productive, Iowa found that he was scared in the caves. The dark never bothers him, but something about the dark in the mines terrified him. He made deals with Pennsylvania and later west Virginia to come mine for him in exchange for foods (no historical basis, just a character trait that he doesn?t like mining so I had to have other state who might help him out).

Of all the State?s he?s secretly one of the ones most open to Communism. He didn?t use to be so secret about it, but around the 1930?s he decided it was best to keep his opinions to himself. Iowa still strongly favors socialism and Uncle has to watch him to make sure he isn?t giving food out to State?s in need (historical basis is several communist based settlements were in Iowa? including the longest lasting in the USA, which remained communist until the 1930?s).

He?s quite flattered by the attention paid him during the presidential caucuses, though he things it?s rather silly to put so much importance on what his people choose. However, its? one time he really get noticed, so he strives to be very educated about political issues and present himself well.

Because of the attention paid to him, he didn?t want to look like just a naive farmer, so he dresses nicely when he knows he?s going to be in public. He?s not at all ashamed of his agriculture roots, but he wants to put his best foot forward.

New York would (nicely) tease him about the out of date bow tie and suspenders, but when they came back into fashion recently, she sent Iowa lots of new ones from top designers.

Iowa likes Westerns, books, TV, shows, movies it doesn?t matter. He would go down to Missouri?s lands to see the end of the cattle trail and talk with Texas and he very much admires Wyoming and Montana.

He?s one of the shyer states when it comes to public displays of affections and can be very self-conscious with Missouri, especially when around some of the states (like Tennessee and Texas) who more openly disapprove of relationships between same gender states (and I phrase it that way because Iowa is a state I?m not pinning his sexuality down on. He?s just not straight).

Though he likes company and hustle and bustle, and the end of the day, he always wants time for just himself (or maybe Missouri too) to sit quietly and watch over his lands.

Yes, he knows the Avengers. No he can?t shot a bow and arrow, he didn?t think a joke could get so old in just a few decades!