Presenting Louisiana
Her state flag shows a mother pelican ripping the flesh from her own chest to feed her young, so needless to say a defining characteristic is you do not want to give her reason to come after you.

Originally French, and in fact she still speaks both proper French as well as the various cajun dialects (sadly, for now I can only show this be having her say a few French words here and there. My Grandmother speaks French, bur French Canadian French, another dialect all together).

The first Colony she dealt extensively with was Georgia, and the little Colonies determination to be a utopia and precocious belief that she could actually stop Louisiana if Louisiana chose to move against the Carolinas endeared her to the younger entity, and they became friends. Her nickname for Georgia is ?Petite? because of how tiny Georgia was when they first met. Georgia now stand taller than her, but she keeps the name.

Knowing the pain of slavery herself, Louisiana was distressed when Georgia turned to slavery and tried to discourage the young colony from choosing that path. Georgia?s unwillingness to listen strained their friendship because ?young and headstrong? only forgives so much.

She was NOT happy with being sold to the USA. Had slavery not been an institution, she might have been ok with it, but as it was, and she was furious (It got hinky with three of the major CSA states being black characters, clearly they were not going to fight to continuing their own slavery, so instead I opted to -in their case- take the phrase ?Slave State? literally, which historically is helped by Georgia claiming ownership of Alabama of Mississippi for a while).

Looks after Mississippi and Alabama as though they are younger brothers. She risked South Carolina?s wrath and taught them to read. Georgia helped her with that, but Louisiana considered it a next to useless token gesture.

She lead Mississippi and Alabama in an unsuccessful rebellion, against the slave owning states (Historical fact, the most successful Slave Rebellion took place in LA, and while ultimately unsuccessful, was either the only, or only major threat to Plantation owners). Her only regret is they failed.

During the Civil War, she worked against the Confederacy anyway she could get away with. Notably she encouraged Texas in his idea to go after California by moving past his supply line and living off the land/what he could take from enemy soldiers (real historical thing Texas did. Worked about as well as invading Russia during Winter), and helping Alabama escape. She also refused to say anything to Georgia other than ?No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened around his own neck.? (Fredrick Douglas quote). The one exception being when Georgia begged her for help against Sherman. Then Louisiana told her she had chosen this grave herself and left her there.

She is not however, thrilled with the Northern states either, on account of her treatment at their hands. After she quickly surrendered to the Union troops she expected them to help her, but instead they troops were told to treat Louisiana woman as prostitutes (true facts).

She also did not forgive the Northern States for holding her Mississippi, and Alabama to be in Rebellion the same as the other states, nor did they receive less punishment (this is a nod to how destructive and vindictive Reconstruction ended up being, despite Lincoln?s original, much better plan for reunification, also to the level of racism and bigotry there was in the North that got aimed at the newly freed slaves).

Post Reconstruction she was always outspoken and quick to draw to attention to continuing abuses from Southern States, and quick to berate Northern States for ignoring it.

Over the years she and Georgia have become friends again, but it is strained. Few of the state?s understand why, including Georgia who feels she doesn?t? deserve Louisiana?s forgiveness. Louisiana explains that?s exactly why Georgia is one of the few she does make an effort to forgive.

She affords South Carolina no tolerance at all, but very few state?s do at this point. However, she?s one of the few state?s who dislikes North Carolina as much as his younger brother. Her reasoning is South Carolina at least was delusion enough to think he was right. North Carolina knew his brother was wrong, knew how badly slavery was hurting the nation, but supported his brother anyway. She sees that as worse. She?s also feels that North Carolina gets away with lots of racism because other state?s chalk it up to ?not as bad as South Carolina? and that drives her nuts.

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and then occasionally North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming all look to her as a mother figure, giving more weight to her opinion then other states. Montana is the only state originally part of LA that does not see her like that, though she still respects her.

LA works tirelessly to try and better conditions for her people and his often frustrated and angry at how little Uncle does to help her. This was especially evident during and post Katrina. Because of how long Uncle took to do anything about Slavery, and because of how badly other things have gone, she doesn?t like to rely on anyone but herself. She hates the amount of dependency she has on welfare but hates more any suggestion that it?s because her people are lazy.

Do not speak to her about how New Orleans as been ?repaired? post Katrina. She is so angry about the inequality and handling of ?help? that she can?t even express it in English.

She enjoys all types of music, from Jazz to southern rock.

She enjoys cooking, but not cooking for other people.

She is part of the ?That?s not your that?s our? club, started by the Navajo. Essentially minority states and the Native tribes gather and see who had the most awful case of cultural appropriation that year and give a consolation prize out. It?s their private way of dealing with it. New Mexico was the first state invited to join, and then the invitation was extended to Louisiana as more and more of her voodoo culture was appropriate. She got their ?no prize? award for 2013 because of American Horror Story (California has asked to join but hasn?t been allowed as he is the cause of a lot of the problems, though did though then go invite Montana, but Montana -though laughed for a good long time- declined).

Aside from Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama, Louisiana is close to Delaware and Maryland, and finds Montana fun company.

I did have to take liberties with LA history during the Civil War, but again, she?s not going to be pro-slavery, at least not into the 1800's.