Presenting New York
She is the state most willing to change to reflect what is current. I?m going with the idea that these entities can change appearance, sometimes of their own choosing and sometimes based on circumstances. Thus, while New York is a Woman of Color now, in colonial times, she was a white male (because New York was initially a Dutch colony).

One of the most outspoken of the States. You will know what is on her mind if she feels you need to know it. One the other hand, she keeps confidences and secrets very well, and more than one State as gone o her for advice the wouldn?t ask anyone else.

Her temper is her weakness. She can be prone to acting rashly if angered or feels pushed into a corner. For example, she lashed out at Uncle during the Civil War because she didn?t feel the ?hick? states were worth her people dying for (New York riots over the draft)

She considers herself the most tolerant of the States, and sometimes others assume she is, but really is more likely to be the rudest of the States.

She has a special disdain for the Southern states, often considering them not worth her time, and when they are protesting something she likes, or advocating something she hates, New York complains loudly they they should have just let them go.

Of all the states, she pays the most attention to World Events, and considers it her duty to provide decent world news to the other States even if they don?t want to hear it.

She hates hates HATES the Fox and has threatened to skin it alive if she can ever catch it.

She?s a casual dater, but has shown special interest in California, though many states assume they are closer than they really are.

M to F transgender. Massachusetts was the State most supportive of her desire to be female (though all the states were supportive in one way or another).Only the 13 original colonies + a few states she has told (like Cali) know this.

Mass is one of her most frequent romantic partner, and even if they aren?t dating, they are close friends. Though New York has never said as much (never really needed to) Mass?s romantic interest in her means a lot to her, as Mass is a Lesbian.

she is also good friends with Maryland- the only Southern State New York is friendly with, Oregon, Cali, Illinois, and has a friendly fashion rivalry with Kentucky.) She also likes New Jersey, but will never admit it. She and NJ have the ?I insult you not because I hate you, but out of tradition? thing going on, and he acts like a pestering younger brother.

Vermont is her actual younger brother and she is overly protective.

She and Penn argue over who was the leader of the Colonies during the Revolution, and he other 13 just let them go at it.

She and Mass have epic baseball arguments