NEWS FOR 9/4/2019      
Old Updates

Con Season has come and gone time to kick back, relax, and . . . start vending craft shows *fingers crossed*
With convention season winding down, I have decided to purchase a shiny new (or maybe used) pop up tent and start trying my hand at craft and art show around the ares. We shall see! I feel as though at conventions only one aspect of my art chops gets to shine, and I am ready to put the other parts out there and see how they do. So that is a new adventure I will start applying for ASAP

State of Disunion is currently still on baby hiatus. Every time I think THIS WILL BE THE WEEK, something comes along and nope. it is not the week.

I have been working on some new pieces that I can't wait to show off :)

Until next Time!
PS: I know the illustration gallery has become a bit. Some coding has gone awry and tossed in an extra space I can't get rid of! working on it, but other than aesthetically annoying, it all still works.

More GDB Art
State of Disunion Webcomic
Visit the The Widget Blog

New Art
One New Piece in the Illustration Gallery

And Some highlight from my Tumblr Sketch blog:

Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
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NEWS FOR 8/9/2019      
Old Updates

Sorry to disappear from this website. On April 14th, I welcomed my second son into this world. And while new babies are (for me at least) wonderful miracles I wouldn't change for the world, they do make getting art done hard. I did a few tiny shows in June, but other than than, I have been keeping my head down.

State of Disunion Also went on hiatus, sadly negating the good start I had been rolling with this year. But hopefully that will be on track soon.

My art is getting back on track as I prepare for my first big show of the year, Animefest .

Check out my facebook for a seak peek at some of the art I will be debuting next weekend.

I will also be presenting a Watercolor panel at Animefest, so if you are attending, I hope to see you there!


New Art
Nothing new in the galleries, but here is some fun art I added on my Tumblr Art Blog!

Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
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NEWS FOR 2/16/2019

Time is Flying By
I can't believe it is already almost March. It feels like I just updated. You may notice there are not many updates in the illustration gallery this go around, and that is because most of my art has been concentrated on my webcomic.

State of Disunion has been off to a good start this year. Even getting a good write, which was just amazing for me. Right now, I have been concentrating on the one-shot comics, but I do plan to finish the historical comic on how new Mexico became a state on the racism she had to overcome.

Aside of State of Disunion, I am hoping to work more on my Space Mermaids series. I also have a darker series in mind, but I will have to see if that pans out.

And of course I am busy preparing for this March's show Women of Wonder Con. This show is dear to my heart because it is all about inspiring and educating, and giving visibility to women creators. Speaking of visible women, there is a *great* hashtag on twitter #visiblewomen that is a wonderful way of finding truly talantd women in the art fields!

As far of upcoming shows, again, I have had to downsize this year because of my pregnancy (due April 26th!), but I have managed to book another small show, Arlingcon, so that make two so far this year, though I do plan to be at Staples again if I can get in. It is very odd not to be prepping for a huge show, but at the same time, a little nice. I can focus more on my own personal projects without worrying about sales.

And that is the State of Galactic Dust Bunnies for the month of Feb.!

-Katie New Art
Added to the "Illustrations," Gallery

NEWS FOR 1/1/2019      
Old Updates

It's the first day of 2019, and I am currently the only one in my house awake. So I have time to update this site :)
Let me start by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me in 2018 despite my lower than usual output. It was a busy year but not a busy art year.

THAT SAID! I did have some huge milestones. If you attended Animefest in DFW, you saw I did multiple art panels at the convention. I did a panel on making zines and two on Watercolor, and I was in a cosplay skit panel as well (my first ever!). I had a massively positive reaction to all of them and it meant the world to me.

Another big moment for me in 2018 was being accepted not as a vendor but as a COMIC GUEST to FanExpo 2018 this last October. even if my webcomic output was bumpy in 2018, it still was notable to land me a guest spot and I am hugely thankful for that. Speaking of my Webcomic , I published the first comic style print copy of my book (which will be for sale soon in my store). It looks amazing if I do say so myself and I am so very proud of it. It sold amazingly well at Staple Media Expo this last September and I am so amazed and inspired by the positive response it gets at shows.

Looking Forward:
What's ahead for GalacticDustBunnies in 2019? Not many show I am afraid, but I will be having another baby boy!! Which is worth the loss of the shows. My due date hits right in the middle of my con season so I will not be able to vend at some of my usual stables, such as A-kon, All-Con, and Fan Expo.

DO NO DESPAIR THOUGH! There is one chance to see me coming up in March. I will be at the one day *FREE!*Women of Wonder Con . It is a convention that helps promote and celebrate women in the creative fields. So it is not your usual shop and drop money show, but rather a series of panels and inspiration showing off some of the best creative talents.
I also plan to use the time off to really focus on my webcopmic, overhauling this site, and just in general making more art.

And that is the State of Galactic Dust Bunnies going into 2019!
As always, thank you everyone for your support! and here is to a wonderful 2019!

New Art
Added to the "Illustrations," Gallery

NEWS FOR 6/23/2018

Con Crunch Has Ended
The major comeback I was hoping for has been . . . not as major as I hoped. Turns out it is hard to make time for a toddler, prepping for multiple cons a months, and a regular job all at the same time. But I have shifted some priority, overtime needs are down, so let's get on with the art!

So what's new? Lots of Art! It was a tough haul, and less than my usual output, but I am very proud of the artwork I have put forth.

Also lots of art related activities. The Wonderful Shonuff Studios Team has asked me to be a guest at their Comic Creator Night. If you are lovcal to the DFW area, please come out and support you local creators. I am also preparing multiple Panels and Workshops for Animefest. Right now my workshop Homemade Zones has been accepted. I will update with the others if they get the greenlight! And In July, I will be hosting an art talk at the Denton Public Library. So again, if you are local, please come check it out.

I really can't believe this year is almost half over. I am trying to take a breather as all m "First Half of the Year" cons are behind me. I attended the North Texas Comic Con, Woman of Wonder Con, Revel Con, Fan Expo, Kilgore Comic Con, Fan Expo, and A-kon. It was an whirlwind first half of the year. I loved meeting everyone, and thank you all for your support.
A special thanks to the Fan-Expo crowd who loved my webcomic so much I had to go home on Saturday and bring up extra copies on Sunday. To "sell out" of the copies I had on hand was crazy and wonderful and I am so appreciative of everyone's support.

As always, thank you everyone for your support!

And I will end with a reminder to check out my Redbubble Store a few months ago. You'll find that listed under the "Store" links.

Added to the "Illustrations," Gallery

Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
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NEWS FOR 1/27/2018
Old Updates

After the health fiasco of 2017, I am hoping to make 2018 a major comeback year!
So what's new?
For starters, note the Ko-fi button. Yup, I can accept online tips now.
I also set up a Redbubble Store a few months ago. You'll find that listed under the "Store" links.

Aside from those new sites, I am prepping for a busy con season Feb-April. The first show show of the year right around the corner. That would be The North Texas Comic Book show Feb 10th and 11th in Irving Texas.
You can find me at booth 302

New Artwise, obviously I'll have new prints for the cons, and I am working on some fun things for the webcomic. Other than that, just trying to find the health to draw again.
The main update this month is getting the Space Mermaid of Inktober up (or at least the ones I want on this site) and a Widget picture I am proud of. . Again, follow my Tumblr artblog to see everything I scribble, art, fanart, silliness etc.

Here's to a great 2018
New Art
Added to the "Illustrations," "Fantasyscapes," and "Bookmarks" Galleries

NEWS FOR 10/15/2017
Old Updates

Well, 2017 has gone so fast this is actually my first website update. I apologize for that. This year has actually been a bit of a bumpy ride art and healthwise, so I apologize for the lull in productivity this year. I have a few new items to add to the galleries (which you can see below).

Also, please check out my Tumblr Art blog or my newly active Instagram Account" to follow my (sporadic but happening darn it!) Inktober posts. This years theme is "Space mermaids."
-Katie New Art
Added to the "Illustrations" and "Bookmarks" Galleries

NEWS FOR 12/5/2016
Old Updates

Time has certainly flown in 2016. Currently I am gearing up to move into 201, lining up the conventions, and working on the State of Disunion 2016 Compilation as well as a few other projects that hopefully will come together.

Right now, the major item going on is my Art Advent. Check my Tumblr Art blog or my newly active Instagram Account" to follow my Art Advent. I will post a sketch a day (though sometimes a little late) for each day up until Christmas. It's a fun Holiday tradition of mine that I am happy to bring back after the necessary year off last year as I moved.

Other than that, please keep an eye for all the new items coming from Galactic Dust Bunnies in 2017! -Katie New Art

Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
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Contact Me

NEWS FOR 6/25/2016
Old Updates

Oh Man, so if you were here recently, you may have noticed there hasn't been an update since December! That isn't actually true, I had two updates since then I just . . . forgot to change my intro page. Baby Brain is all I can say to explain that oversight!

So what has changed over the last few months?
- I had to close my Etsy shop for a while. Unfortunately, between my baby, my office job, and just life I couldn't keep up with orders. I do have a zazzle shop and I am looking into opening a few more current shops with products made by a 3rd party. I am also looking at re-opening the Etsy shop as a commission exclusive store later this year.

- State of Disunion, my webcomic, has been going strong for over a year now. I have begun meeting fans at shows and I just can't even put into words how amazing that is. Thank you all for you support!

-And of course NEW ART! Check the galleries for the best of the new stuff, and check out my tumblr art blog for all the crazy sketches and fanart that I do . . . . in the rare moments of free time!

I have two upcoming shows, the North Texas Comic Show and the Dallas Comic Show (I know they sound the same but the aren't LOL) after that, I'll hopefully book a few more! -Katie

New Art

NEWS FOR 4/25/2016
I forgot to save this up date :/

NEWS FOR 12/30/2015
I forgot to save this up date :<

NEWS FOR 10/3/2015

It's been quite a while, hasn't it! It finally happened!
Meet Thomas Henry David.

He came into the world on July 14th 2015, and it has been a wild three months since then. Obviously website updates fell by the way side, but my maternity leave is up and I am getting back to work!I successful navigated my first Animefest with him, and those coming to see me in Dallas and Tyler this October can look forward to meeting the little guy. Hopefully he will be in a somewhat decent mood.

Speaking of Animefest, it was a fantastic experience to push out past Sci-Fi and Comic Cons and do an anime cons. I was a huge anime fan in the 90's and went to Animefest and A-kon every year, so it was fun and nostalgic to go back to my fandom roots. Also, man has it upped my came. The artists and craters there are phenomenal and I am hoping to use what I learned their to improve my product offerings in upcoming conventions.

The other big news continues to be my ongoing webcomic State of Disunion. I'll have a small umber of Ash-con comics ready for Dallas Comic Con and Tyler City Con, so please check them out and let me know what you think of my first jump into actual comics!

I look forward to seeing y'all this October! Please come by the Galactic Dust Bunnies booth and say hello!


New Art
Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
Updated Every Tuesday and Thursday!

Added to Site
I added three new pieces to my "Chibi" gallery.

I also updated my stickers page with a few new stickers for sale:

I also removed many of my older works. If you want to see everything I ever do, check out My Art Blog. This site, I am going to try and only have the best of the best up.

A Few Convention Sketches from Animefest:

NEWS FOR 6/30/2015

I am now two days shy of being 39 weeks pregnant, so I am excited, scared, and everything in between. I expect a lot of art will be going on hiatus for at least most of July and August as I adjust to the new life in my life. I do't plan to quit in fact, I am confirmed for three upcoming conventions in late August and September. The art won't be stopping, but it will need to slow for a while!

Speaking of Slow, back on the 3rd, I promised pcitures of the convention art I did at the Dallas Comic Con, and while they ended up on my tumblr fairly, fast, I'm just now getting them up here. I've also added two new pieces to the "Illustration Gallery" as well as nine new bookmarks in the "Bookmarks" gallery, which are also for sale, if you check out my store.

Thanks everyone again for your support and I'll Update again in a month if I am able!

Check out the State of DisUnion Webcomic.
Updated Every Tuesday and Thursday!

Added to Site

Convention Sketches:

NEWS FOR 6/3/2015

Art update coming soon! For right now, I wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by my table during Dallas Fan Expo this last weekend! It was a fun show, and I look forward to seeing y'all at the upcoming October show! You can check out my blog post here and I've got some commissions photos here and a few cosplay photos here. Next time, I need to get more cosplay photos because they are amazing.

Agian, thank you everyone and I can't wait for the next show!
Check back in after this weekend and I will have more art and some updated convention information listed.

Convention Sketches: Coming Soon

NEWS FOR 4/3/2015

Sorry for the late update. I was in a hotel with no wi-fi connection when the update should have happened. Speaking of which, shout out to everyone that stopped by my table at both Staples and the Heart of Texas convention in Waco! I had a blast, they were wonderful new venues for me. I hope to be back next to both year!

As far as updates go, I don't have much. The web Comic and the three conventions kept me pretty busy, so there hasn't been much new art. However, I did create a widget zine, which I hope to have for sale on my website soon. You can see some of the inside art at this link here. Currently, you can buy this tiny zine for $1.00 at my convention tables.
I did however, create more copies of my DayDreams Fantasy Coloring book to sell through this site. They are only $5.00 plus shipping. Also, the Galactic Dust Bunnies 2009 sketchbook is nearly sold out (less than 10 copies left), so if you have any interest in one, I would be it now!

I hope to have more update at the end of this month. I'm pushing to get some more art up, and I'll be gearing up for the big my convention, my last for a while, as the bigger gear up is for the birth of my baby sometime around July 9th!

Convention Sketches:

Personal Art

NEWS FOR 2/28/2015

First, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my table at the North Texas Comic Book Show to give their condolences and share their memories of Chrissy Taylor. It was amazing to see how many people she had touched and to hear your memories. Thank you all so much.

Onto the news. The big announcement would be:
I am very proud of this comic. It's been going strong for a month now, and I hope to keep it going (yes even once the baby comes!)Please do take a look, and let me know what you think!

Aside from that, I'm gearing up for two convention in March. Sadly I had to drop out of the April North Texas Comic Book Show due to a prior commitment, but I will be at The Dallas Fan Expo in may. After that, I will be taking a break to you know, give birth in early July. All 2015 conventions after that will be on wait and see basis at that point.
New Art

NEWS FOR 1/10/2015

In a little less than a month, Galactic Dust Bunnies will be launching its first webcomic State of Disunion, a political and historical series of one shot jokes.

In bigger news though, there has been a gain and a loss for Galactic Dust Bunnies.
In November, I learned I was pregnant, much to the excitement of myself, my husband, and my best friend (and always faithful convention assistant)Chrissy Taylor.

Sadly though, in December, Chrissy passed away unexpectedly. She and I had been inseparable since our sophomore year in high school, and it was her encouragement and support that convinced me to start selling at cons in 2009.

She is deeply missed (for those who haven't seen us, she is in black)

Because of these two events, I haven't gotten any new art (aside from sketches) finished at this moment. However, I did collect all the art that I did in 2014. You can see all that art on this page.

Also, because of the pregnancy, I need some cash inflow, so I have put some older original art pieces up for sale at half priced. You can see all 27 pieces on this page.

Thank so much for looking :)

New Art
I did; however, make an effort to keep with my holiday tradition of doing a sketch a day until Christmas. You can see that collection below.

NEWS FOR 10/5/2014

Well it's been a bit since an update!

My apologies! It was a very busy August and September because I had two large projects I was working on.
I haven't said much one particular project, but I have been co-writing a fantasy novel for over a year and submissions have gone out to Tor. Keep you fingers crossed!

Also, in late august through September, I began working on a webcomic that I had shelved and then finally decided I really wanted to move forward with it! You can see previews and information on that project here
on my tumblr under the tag "DisUnion"

Right now, I am confirmed for several upcoming shows this fall, though all still in Texas (I'm working to get out of state again!). The first up will be Dallas Fan Days! Below you can see three of the new prints I will debut at that convention!

New Art
No Time to post new art this update (convention prep time is eating all my time!) but in the meantime, art that hit my tumblr!

+ lots more! And as always, you can see the widgets on blogspot

NEWS FOR 7/24/2014

Hello from Austin Texas's Capital City Con!

Between commissions and two conventions, I had a crazy busty July! I havent gotten much in the way of write up on either, however, you can check out my cosplay pics from Capital City Conhere, here, and here.
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported Galactic Dust Bunnies ant both Capital City Con, and the local North Texas Comic Book Shows!

As far as art store news goes, I have added on on sale section to my Etsy store! Check out half price art for sale! It (hopefully) won't last long!

New Art
No new art that I can post yet, but here are some sketches from my tumblr blog.

And as always, you can see the widgets on blogspot and my sketch journal on tumblr!

NEWS FOR 6/22/2014

I spent all of today updating this site. I think I need a new back and hands! LOL
When I went to add the new art, I realized I hadn't updated The Store pages in a while. So I spent most of the time there. I know have 17 new prints for sale, my sticker and bookmark listings are now current, and I re-did my commission page with actual examples, and finally got the new art up!

Huzzah! And now I am going to maybe maybe get some art done tonight. Because what better time to start art than 11:00.

And again, I have been selling original art and prints on Etsy. So if you prefer to use that, I am there!

New Art

And as always, you can see the widgets on blogspot and my sketch journal on tumblr!

NEWS FOR 3/27/2014
I'm gearing up for the Dallas Comic Con and workng on commissions, so there may be a drop in art production not related to either of those two items. Expect some Firefly art to be forthcoming. I'm so excited at the line up for DCC and the excuse to do awesome Firefly art that it give me :D

I had great fun at Escapade con (you can see my set up in this blog post, and my father say the Dallas Comic and Pop Expo was a blast, despite the death storm.
And let's not forget All-Con. As usual, All-Con was a blast, and as usual, I left some bonus free art for people to find..

The big update is I have an etsy account now for your shopping conviencne :D And don't forget, you can now find me on instagram.

And that's really all the news I have.

New Art
I haven't added any new art to the site this month, but her eis some of what you missed if you don't follow my tumblr:

NEWS FOR 2/4/2014
2014 looks like it may be a busier than ever convention year! More news on that as I get confirmations! Keep you fingers crossed for me

Also, I'm finishing up a few projects, so I may have exciting news soon! With all the news that should be coming soon, dont forget to be following my Tumblr for the latest updates, sketches, con reports, and other randomness.

Speaking of social media sites, Ive made it just a little easier for anyone who wants to legally stalk me. you can now find me on instagram. Yes, Im just now getting on instagram, and I promise to control my filter use!
Thats all the news for this update! Ill see you in about 20 days and Ill try not to be late this time!

New Art

NEWS FOR 1/4/2014


Well 2013 was a busy year for me! I expanded my conventions from one local venue of three shows into two local venues and I went to my first out of State convention in North Carolina! Very exciting. Commissions kept me busy, though not quite "quit the day job" busy and all in all it was a fun year.

If you'd like to see a collection of the 2013 artwork that made it online, I've put it all up on it's own page! (click the screenshot below)

New Art
Haven't got anything new up yet! :( However, there are new sketches are up on my tumblr though, and new Widgets are up on my Widget blog.

NEWS FOR 12/16/2013
So it's been two months since my last update. Sorry about that! Convention season rolled on into the holidays and I have been busy busy busy and without too much new to put here at the moment. Hopefully I'll get one crazy big art update posted soon!

That said, I do have my annual Art Advent going on over on my Tumblr Blog. I'll be posting one sketch a day until Christmas.
You can see each post by checking the Art Advent tag on my tumblr

New Art
Haven't got anything new up yet! :( However, there are new sketches are up on my tumblr though, and new Widgets are up on my Widget blog.

NEWS FOR 8/24/2013
Oops 0.o I forgot to archive this one!

NEWS FOR 8/24/2013
I am working on a few small fixer-upper jobs around this site. I don't like the borders around the art, so over time you'll see those disappear. More importantly though, I'm moving removing some of my older art (or art I'm just displeased with). Some of the galleries were a bit over crowded and on this site I went to put my best foot forward (If you want to see every crazy -sometimes awful- sketch I do, join my my tumblr).

Convention season is going into full swing and I'm busying working on new prints, stickers, and bookmarks.

Below are the 17 newest bookmarks inked and awaiting coloring and a portion of the sketch for a new print!

New Art

NEWS FOR 8/4/2013
I don't have much in the way of new art this month. It's been a busy time for private commissions and not all of those can go on this site. However, the big project has been completed and GDB now has (drum roll!) A WHOLE NEW SITE DESIGN!!
I'm so happy! Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

BUT WAIT! There is more BIG NEWS!
I'm adding not one, but THREE more art shows/convention appearances to my schedule. I will be at the North Texas Comic Conventions on October 19th, and again on November 30th, and on November 15th, I will be at the Pancakes and Booze art show in Deep Ellum!

NEWS FOR 6/22/2013
I've updated the Illustrations gallery, the Chibi gallery, and the portrait gallery.

Not much else is going on right now, just working on commissions and other paintings. I do have some commission spots open, so if interested, feel free to e-mail me. Commissions start as low as $5.00

The BIG NEWS though, for right now, is that I am working on re-vamping this website. Something a little sleeker, a little more modern. If you want to give me you thoughts check out the beta site:
Feel free to email your thoughts and comments :D

New Art

NEWS FOR 5/21/2013
I've updated the Illustrations gallery as well as the bookmark gallery. I've also added two new sites to the links page, artists Devin Kraft and Tom Branch. And finally, I have new prints, bookmarks, and stickers for sale, and I am open for commissions!.

I had a wonderful time at the Dallas Comic Con. You guys were great, and it was a thrill to meet so many fans. You guys were super inspiring and my sketchbook will probably now be full of Supernatural and Aquafamily just from the sheer left over high of meeting so many enthusiastic fans.
I made enough to buy a table not only at fan days in October, but two other conventions. I'm excited and happy and just so thankful to everyone who supports me and enables me to keep going to these conventions!

Thank you ALL so much!!

Upcoming Shows:
- Oct 4th-6th Dallas Fan Day I'll be at the next big Dallas con and if the table reservations worked, I'll be in the same spot!
- Oct 26th- 27th: Comic Book City Con My first out of state convention!! So if you live near North Carolina, come and see me at Greensboro!

I also sent in an application to be a vendor at the upcoming Whofest in Dallas this November. Keep your fingers crossed for me to get a spot!

New Art
As usual, there are new art at The Semi-Daily Widget (which I should rename the "Rarely Daily Widget!)

And on this site we have:

NEWS FOR 3/21/2013
I've updated the Fantasyscapes gallery as well as the for sale too!). Other than that I'm working to fill my last few commissions and then it's going to be time to start getting ready for the Dallas Comic Con! All-con was great fun, as usual, and I spread some art out and some Dr. Who stickers around so I hope they all found happy homes :)

Upcoming Shows:
Dallas Comic Con May 17-19: I made my table costs so, Galactic Dust Bunnies will be back in May! THANK YOU!
At this time Im looking into attending Animefest, and two other out of state conventions. Ill keep you updated on how those plans play out!

New Art
As usual, there are new art at The Semi-Daily Widget

And on this site we have:

NEWS FOR 2/11/2013
SCi- Fi Expo went amazingly! I had such a great time! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and supported my artwork! Its great to get that kind of reception and of course, without all the wonderful support, I couldnt keep doing these conventions! Thank you!

Upcoming Shows:
Dallas Comic Con May 17-19: I made my table costs so, Galactic Dust Bunnies will be back in May! THANK YOU!
Escapade Con Feb 22-24: I will not be able to attend Escapades, but look for my bookmarks in their art show!
All-Con Marth 8-10: I dont work at this con, but if you see me, say hi!
At this time Im looking into attending Animefest, and two other out of state conventions. Ill keep you updated on how those plans play out!

New Art

The Daily Widget

NEWS FOR 6/22/2013
I've updated the Illustrations gallery, the Chibi gallery, and the portrait gallery.

Not much else is going on right now, just working on commissions and other paintings. I do have some commission spots open, so if interested, feel free to e-mail me. Commissions start as low as $5.00

The BIG NEWS though, for right now, is that I am working on re-vamping this website. Something a little sleeker, a little more modern. If you want to give me you thoughts check out the beta site:
Feel free to email your thoughts and comments :D
Click Here for Old Updates

NEWS FOR 2/5/2013
We are now less than a week away from the Sci-Fi Expo! Are you going? If so, be sure to look for me at booth 207 to for one of a kind painted bookmarks, on the spot watercolors, and of course stickers galore! Plus prints and FOR THE FIRST TIME, my original paintings. And to top it all off, we can take card now!

Heres a sneak peek at some of the new items Ill have:

See you in a few!

Upcoming Shows:
Dallas Sci-Fi Expo
At the moment I'm hoping to go to Dallas Comic Con and Animefest. I should also have art in the Escapades Art Show and the All-Con Art Show. I'll keep you updated on all this!

New Art
Still working on getting some new art into the galleris HOWEVER Introducing The Daily Widget
Or semi-daily as it goes. I've turned my blogger into a hom for these quirky little sketches that become the basis of many of my fantasyscapes.

NEWS FOR 1/15/2013
The Pancakes and Booze she went wonderfully! Thank you to everyone who came out and see me. I spent most of the pretty busy -if I wasn't working on live painting I was getting to know other artists or checking their art out- but I did get a few pictures which you can check out on my tumblr art blog

Upcoming Shows:
Dallas Sci-Fi Expo
Galactic Dust Bunnies will again have a table at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo. You can find me at table 207 (map coming soon) and find out what new goodies I'll have!
Be on the look out for a Bobby Singer Sticker, as well as Mulder and Scully and a few more surprises!

New Art
Coming Later

NEWS FOR 10/25/2012
I had a WONDERFUL time at the Dallas Fan Days. Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by and checked out my work. It was great to get to chat and draw for y'all! I took some photos of the event. Check out my tumblr blog if you'd like to see 'em. There were so many amazing costumes. I wish I'd gotten more photos.
A day in the life of a convention artists
Wonderful costumers!
Adorable kids in costumes!

Upcoming Conventions:

Meet me at Lonestar Comics in Mesquite from 12:00 to 2:00 (pm) for art and fun! I will be drawing for tips, so it's a good way to get some art from me :)

Other than that all is quiet on the convention front until Feb 9th and 10th 2013! Thank to everyone's wonderful support at the Dallas Fan Days, I made enough to purchase a table for the 2013 Dallas Sci-Fi con!
See everyone there! :)

New Art

NEWS FOR 9/29/2012


Upcoming Conventions:
-October 18 WINCON!: I will be a normal fan at Wincon, but if you find me, you can probably get art from me!
-October 9-21: DALLAS FAN DAYS

For the third year in a row I will have an art table at The Dallas Fan Days

Product Preview!
Here's a first look at some of the new bookmarks I'll have at the Dallas Fan Days!

More updates coming soon. Check out the The GalacticDustbunnies blog on Blogger or Tumblr for the most recent convention art updates!

NEWS FOR 8/26/2012


Upcoming Conventions:
- Sept 8th: I will have a table at the Comics Conventions in the Knights Inn Banquet Hall 3601 US Hwy 80, Mesquite, 75150 (yes, it's so small ther eis no website!)
-October 18: I will be a normal fan at Wincon, but if you find me, you can probably get art from me!
-October 19-21: For the third year in a row I will have an art table at The Dallas Fan Days

New Art

NEWS FOR 7/22/212: New Art

The Art Sale is in it's last month. If interested, place an order ASAP!

Also, I've entered the We Love Fine Marvel Villain T-Shirt Contest. If you like any of the designs you see here and would want to wear them please take a moment to click the image links and rate them a 5 in WeLoveFine's contest! Thanks!
Vote for my T-Shirt Design between NOW and 8/6/2012.

New Art

NEWS FOR 6/24/2012: New Art and Sales!

I'm trying to raise money for an airline ticket to Washington DC to see my mother received the most prestigious award a nurse can receive in the USA. I'm very proud of her, and so, to try and be there to support her, I'm have an Art SALE!!

Now through August, I will be reducing the price of the 5X7 watercolor sketches from 10.00 to 5.00 if you opt to have a large file e-mailed to you rather than having the commission mailed out.
Please e-mail for more information on a specific commission.

I also updated my Deviantart Print Site. There you can get Prints of my art as cheap as 2.50!

In the link section you'll find a few new artists, and I've updated my bio information abit. And finally, over the next few months, you'll see a small tweak in the format of this site. I'm chanigng how I make the thumbnails. You can see the new style with this update :)

New Art

NEWS FOR 5/27/2012: The AFTERMATH!
Did everyone have a grand time at both Free Comic Book Day and The Dallas Comic Conventions? I sure did!

I spent Free Comic Day at Boomerang Comics, my local and awesome comic shop. There is was doing free watercolor sketches of kids as their favorite super hero. I always have a blast doing that and look forward to it next year!

The Dallas Comic Con was just a grand time!! But also a busy busy time. I could hardly get up from my table, but that's not a bad thing given I go there to draw. I can't thank all my loyal supporters and the new people who gave me a shot. Y'all are the reason I do these. If you are interested on my thoughts you can see my write up on my blogger here. It's also duplicated on my art blog on tumblr.

You may have noticed that there has been a change in the Galleries. I got rid of the "Sketch" gallery. All my sketches will not be posted on my tumblr or on my blogger. In it's place, you will now find a section called "Comics" where I will be putting up all the one page or so comics that I create. I my eventually put them up in a little better way,, but for now this is what I've got.

New Art

New Prints in the Store

NEWS FOR 4/16/2012: Dallas Comic Con, New Art, and Sorry about March

Will you be there? I WILL!

New Art

Also, I apologize for the lack of an update this past March. There just wasn't anything much to update with. I can only offer this as an explanation.

NEWS FOR 2/19/2012: New Art and the Sci-Fi Expo
Well, the Dallas SciFi Expo came and went last weekend, and it was a blast.
I've got two write ups on my blog on it. The first one is here and the second one is here. The short of it is, I had a FANTASTIC time, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Dallas Comic Con this May.

I don't have a lot of new art this update, but I do have an a sticker set of the entire main cast of Fireflies.

NEWS FOR 1/23/2012: Upcoming Convention and New Art
I'll be at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo on Feburary 11th and 12th.
Please look for the "Galactic Dust Bunnies" art table, and come by and say hello!

New Art

NEWS FOR 10/7/2011
I will be attending Star Wars Fan Days at the Irving Convention center in Irving Texas.
I look forward to seeing everyone there! :)

News and Updates: 5/312011
This years Dallas Comic Con was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for everyone who visited my table! I had so much fun meeting everyone and talking and drawing and just the whole experience was great! I hope to see everyone at Star Wars Fan Day! My table went fantastically . I met some great people and got some neat stuff. I've also got the prints from the convention for sale, along with my usually assortment of item. ALSO! I've introduced stickers!

A finale bonus: My first interview! I'm the one who keeps turning away to work on a commission. Thanks again to the Mutant a Day crew, It was a pleasure to meet you all!

NEWS And Updates 2/2/2011
The Dallas Science Fiction convention went off without a hitch and I had loads of fun. Check out my blog for more details and photos.
I've also added three new gallies Black and White, Chibis, and Bookmarks
Amd finally I have a sketchbook and a fanzine coloring book for sale along with my usual offerings.

New Art (and galleries this time) 2/2/2011