State of DisUnion is an ongoing webcomic that is a little over a year old now.
It stars the 50 Not-so-United-States of America, the Native Nations, and other personifications of American Culture as they attempt to live together despite their many, many differences.

The Comic is not a continuing story line, but rather a collection of one shot jokes occasionally connected, but meant to stand alone as well. A bit like the newspaper comics.So any point is a good jumping on point!

Updates are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm central US time
Tuesday's update is a quick sketch comic, often based on current events.
Thursday' updates is a fully painted comic often historical or events from a few years ago.

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My hope for this comic is that this won't only display the problems, but also the diversity, humor, and culture of the USA.

Just for fun: Chibi States
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