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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I kicked back quite a bit, but I did keep up with my annual tradition of trying to do a sketch a day from 12/1-12/25. I made it to 12/20 this year LOL, but not bad!

Here are my three favorites from this season. You can see the rest on

Right now, I am revamping the website. I learned some new java script and can finally make nifty pop up windows. To get an idea of what the new pages will look like, take a look at the Space Mermaid Gallery. Obviously this is a lot of coding, so please excuse the miss for a bit.


I will be at the Grackle Art Gallery Show this Feb 8th
The rest of the shows are TBA. I am waiting to hear back on a lot of them. I am focusing more on Art Fairs, Galleries, and Art Markets this year. My con appearances will be few and far between in 2020

State of Disunion is currently still on baby hiatus. Every time I think THIS WILL BE THE WEEK, something comes along and nope. it is not the week.

I have been working on some new pieces that I can't wait to show off :)

Until next Time!
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Grackle Art Gallery 2/8/20

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