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It's the first day of 2019, and I am currently the only one in my house awake. So I have time to update this site :)
Let me start by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me in 2018 despite my lower than usual output. It was a busy year but not a busy art year.

THAT SAID! I did have some huge milestones. If you attended Animefest in DFW, you saw I did multiple art panels at the convention. I did a panel on making zines and two on Watercolor, and I was in a cosplay skit panel as well (my first ever!). I had a massively positive reaction to all of them and it meant the world to me.

Another big moment for me in 2018 was being accepted not as a vendor but as a COMIC GUEST to FanExpo 2018 this last October. even if my webcomic output was bumpy in 2018, it still was notable to land me a guest spot and I am hugely thankful for that. Speaking of my Webcomic , I published the first comic style print copy of my book (which will be for sale soon in my store). It looks amazing if I do say so myself and I am so very proud of it. It sold amazingly well at Staple Media Expo this last September and I am so amazed and inspired by the positive response it gets at shows.

Looking Forward:
What's ahead for GalacticDustBunnies in 2019? Not many show I am afraid, but I will be having another baby boy!! Which is worth the loss of the shows. My due date hits right in the middle of my con season so I will not be able to vend at some of my usual stables, such as A-kon, All-Con, and Fan Expo.

DO NO DESPAIR THOUGH! There is one chance to see me coming up in March. I will be at the one day *FREE!*Women of Wonder Con . It is a convention that helps promote and celebrate women in the creative fields. So it is not your usual shop and drop money show, but rather a series of panels and inspiration showing off some of the best creative talents.
I also plan to use the time off to really focus on my webcopmic, overhauling this site, and just in general making more art.

And that is the State of Galactic Dust Bunnies going into 2019!
As always, thank you everyone for your support! and here is to a wonderful 2019!

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