All stickers are $1.00 or 6 stickers for $5.00
+ 50 cents S&H in the USA, $1.50 S&H International

They average about 2x1 inch, printed on Avery sticker paper, and then hand cut.
They are NOT vinyl and they are NOT water proof (If they were either, they would not be that big and just $1 ea)
To Order // Subject Line: Stickers!

I do take stickers commissions
As stickers all start out as 5x7 copic images, commissions are $50
This rate does include a sheet of 9 stickers and the original 5x7 drawing. It does not include the digital file or the rights to re-print and sell.
I will also drop the price to $30 of you allow me to sell the stickers at conventions.

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