The Artist

I'm a 30-something, married, mother of one son, Thomas. Artist by night, and FTZ agent by day I am working to somehow pursue my artistic passions, remain employed and raise a decent human being. It is a juggling act!

I've been creating art on and off since I was a small child, but I did not seriously begin to pursue it until about halfway through high school and on into college. I received a BA from the University of North Texas in Visual Arts in 2005. I have been active in Artist Alley's since 2009, as well as making money as a portrait artist.

I live at home in North Texas with an amazing husband and son, my pet rats, and an adorable pup named Steve. The Art:
I have a preference for traditional media over digital media; because I enjoy messes.
My favorite medium is watercolor followed by copic. A lot of my art tends to be some combination of watercolor, ink, colored pencil, markers and a few other things.

If you ever have any question about how a got a certain texture or look feel free to ask
And unless I can think of anything else, this concludes the "about me" section.

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Status: Open

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Grackle Art Gallery 2/8/20

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